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Sacred Cycles Midwifery

Exceptional, Individually Tailored care for Pregnancy, Home Birth, and the Fourth Trimester

Sacred Cycles Midwifery is committed to honoring the unique nature of each family dynamic. We believe that the beauty of this world comes from its diversity and we welcome any variations of that diversity into our care.

Serena Russell LM, CPM

I am a California licensed midwife providing comprehensive and compassionate care for pregnancy, birth and postpartum since 2001. I am passionate about supporting personal autonomy and choice in childbearing health and hold a deep trust in the natural process of pregnancy and birth. I offer care to families seeking home birth in both Santa Cruz & Santa Clara Counties. I am honored to serve each family in the journey of welcoming their new little one into their lives.



Sacred Cycles Midwifery weaves the physical & emotional well being of both parent & child by offering compassionate, evidence informed care for pregnancy, home birth & postpartum.Through continuity of care and care provider combined with attentive and respectful presence, safely bring your new baby into the world with love and gentleness.


Other Services

Fertility Services & Assisted Reproduction

Conception Support and Assistance in a Gentle and Caring Environment

Postpartum Care

Attentive and extensive postpartum care for mom and baby in your home for 6 weeks. Package includes four 1.5 hour long visits.

Integrative Well Person Care

Traditional gynecological care combined with nutritional and herbal support for optimal health




Serena's intuitive approach to women's care is what I felt really made her so special as a midwife.  She was so available for us with any questions, trusted my intuition as a woman, and guided me with so much support in those times of need.  Her post partum care was over the top...I was really needing a lot of support and she was right there for me, a phone call away any time of day.  During our birth, Serena's presence was strong in a very subtle way.  She was there when I needed her, and also gave me space for my birth to unravel on its own.  I couldn't imagine having had this prenatal, birth and postnatal journey without her. 

-mother of Isaiah Madrone

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