Sacred Cycles Midwifery offers clinical, emotional and informational support for pregnancy and birth for families who want choices in their care. We offer care as a package for the entirety of pregnancy, birth and postpartum or on a per appointment basis for families that would like the benefits of midwifery care as an addition to the care they are receiving elsewhere.  Please call or email for a free consultation.

As your midwife, Serena Russell will provide information to help you make the right decisions about your pregnancy, birth and your baby! She is committed to building trusting relationships with each family she supports. All your care will be provided in collaboration with you, giving you up to date evidence-based information to make informed choices about the health and wellbeing of yourself and your baby. Through 1 hour long prenatal and postpartum visits, she will address any concerns you may have with patience as well as expertly and attentively assess the wellbeing of your body and your baby.

Some of the things you can expect during the course of your care during your pregnancy and birth are:

Clinical Prenatal Care


Including a thorough physical assessment of both mother and growing baby including growth measurement and position checks, prenatal lab work offered 'in house', on call availability 24/7 throughout your pregnancy.

  • Discussion and assessment of optimal Prenatal and Postpartum Nutrition and Herbal Remedies 

  • Childbirth prep, stages of labor, sibling participation, after birth care

  • Hormone changes, Breastfeeding, & Postpartum Support  

  • Personal growth and relationship changes associated with having a child

  • Testing options and alternatives

  • Alternative solutions to common complaints of pregnancy including herbs, homeopathics, acupuncture and chiropractic care.


Ultrasound is available on a referral basis.

Birth Support

Serena Russell LM, CPM and a trained assistant midwife (when possible) will provide continuity of care in your home during your labor and birth of your child offering complete clinical and emotional support to guide and monitor your labor and birth. Appropriate recommendations or referrals will be made with your consent to ensure the safe and healthy passage of mom and baby throughout the birthing process. Birth supplies, emergency skills and medications will be brought to every birth. Suturing skills and supplies are available when necessary.

Your midwives will stay with you in the early hours after your baby is born and stay until both are stable and ready to be tucked into bed. They will assess the physical wellbeing of both birthing mother and baby, guide and facilitate the newborn breast crawl and help initiate breastfeeding, provide a thorough newborn exam and offer any newborn medications as discussed prenatally.


In cases of hospital transfer-A midwife will go with you to the hospital and stay to offer you compassionate and proactive support as your liaison.


Postpartum Care

Attentive and extensive postpartum care for mom and baby in your home for 6 weeks include 3 visits in the first 2 weeks and 2 follow up appointments. During these appointments Serena Russell LM, CPM will provide baby weight checks & postpartum healing assessment of birthing mother as well as breastfeeding support and guidance with newborn care. She will address any specific concerns you may have and offer support, guidance or referrals as appropriate. Serena Russell LM, CPM will remain on call for you 24/7 for the first 2 weeks following your birth.

Other Services Include: 


Water birth can be a wonderful way to promote relaxation and reduce stress while simultaneously easing the pain of labor. Sacred Cycles Midwifery will supply a birth tub to all of our clients at 37 weeks pregnancy if desired. This is included in the global fee. Some additional supplies will need to be ordered ahead of time.


Vaginal Birth after Cesarean is a viable and safe option for families desiring a home birth with midwives. With appropriate screening, healthy women wanting to have a home VBAC are welcome.

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* Some private insurance accepted


Sacred Cycles Midwifery offers clinical, emotional and informational support from Preconception through the fourth Trimester postpartum.

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Sacred Cycles Midwifery offers services to Santa Cruz & Santa Clara Counties. For questions or to schedule a free initial consultation please feel free to follow the links or call me directly.

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