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Integrative Wellness Care for Health and Fertility

Just as each body is different in our own expression of culture, individuality and creativity, so is our expression of imbalance and dis-ease. As a midwife, I've spent my life committed to supporting each family’s personal choices around their bodies and their births. I extend this out to women and genderqueer/neutral people who are looking for integrative and holistic solutions to fertility, conception or any of the numerous aspects of living in a body with the ebbs and flows of hormonal balances and sensitivities.

I am excited to provide compassionate and supportive care in a warm environment. 

In addition to fertility support, I offer traditional well woman care including routine pap tests, STI testing, lab testing for hormone or thyroid imbalances and troubleshooting for common issues integrated with nutritional and herbal support & optimal health assessments and suggestions. 

With more people choosing to become single parents, the needs of same sex couples, and the stress of life, having options for fertility and conception choice are important. My commitment to offering reproductive choice to families of all types runs deep. 


I offer fertility consultations from a midwifery model of care. We will look at the whole picture of your body’s health and wellness. We may draw labs to assess hormone function or balances if appropriate, and come up with a plan of how to support you with natural methods including diet, exercise and lifestyle to optimize your chances of conceiving. We will discuss fertility/cycle tracking and how to recognize the signs your body gives when fertile. I may recommend supportive therapies such as acupuncture and herbs if appropriate. Through holistic and natural methods, I strive to help you find balance in your life and therefore supporting the whole in order to conceive. If fertility has been or becomes a longer process for you, I can support you in making decisions to include more extensive support in your conception journey. This may include referrals to an endocrinologist for more allopathic therapies.


Intrauterine Inseminations

IUI is an assisted reproductive process that involves inserting the prepared sperm directly into the uterus. This can be done in a home or office setting and is much like a pap smear test. It can increase the chance of conception 10-20%. IUI is the recommended treatment for unexplained infertility, same sex parent fertility support, people using sperm donation, cervical mucous problems or other issues that may prevent sperm from reaching the uterus, and male infertility including low sperm count or poor motility. 

I provide IUI services for fertility clients in my care. Together we will establish a clear picture of your cycle and your optimal time for conception. This can sometimes take a few months of cycle tracking and/or complimentary therapies to increase your chances of getting pregnant. I can offer IUI for clients receiving concurrent care with fertility doctors or for those who are not.  I offer this procedure with frozen or pre-washed genetic material in the comfortable setting of your own home or preferred location, with the opportunity to conceive your child in a gentle and sacred way.


IUI is a gentle and minimally invasive option for conception support. 

For more information or a free consultation please call, email me or schedule using the link below.  


 Fertility Services

Conception Support and Assistance in a Gentle and Caring Environment

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