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What Clients are Saying..

"I feel so fortunate to have met you two because I learned so much through your practice and care. You two taught and showed me what the real meaning of sorority is, what really means woman helping each other and trusting each other.

I wish all the woman could have this care and have the wonderful chance  to make informed decisions, the chance to have a voice and the chance to be empowered about your own body. 

Thank you for not only practicing midwifery but also sharing a bit of who you are. 

Your care made so much difference in the last 8 weeks. 

Thank you so much again to give  only the best for us. "

Tatiana & baby Thomas

"At first when we found out we were pregnant.  We were going to go to the birthing center at sutter.Then came covid ! I quickly realized it would be very hard for me to be there for the birth since we have a 2 1/2 year old .

 We began to seriously consider home birth.  I didn't want to make the best of a bad situation . I wanted my little starseed to be welcomed to this world in a good way. So we found Serena. She had a cancelation and was able to take us under her care.  It was late in the pregnancy.She quickly addressed all our concerns and helped us feel at ease. 

Her experience , confidence and practical knowledge,  really got us feeling ready. 

During the labor she came , it was at night,  she quietly set up and held space for my wife to go through the very natural process of birth. 

We are forever in gratitude to Serena , she is part of our world now. We are on her team!" ~ Bilva

"Serena's confidence in the body's ability to know what to do gave me the confidence in my body in a way I have never had before. She gave me the space to listen to what my body needed while staying in control and making me fee held and supported the whole time. This has impacted me in a profound way. I not only trust my body to heal, I trust myself as a parent and partner more now as well. "

~Vaidehi  & baby Lila

"We feel so blessed to have found Serena!

I was due with my first baby girl in April 2020. I was fully planning on having a hospital birth, and was going to an Obgyn for all my prenatal care. COVID-19 hit, and we were concerned for our safety giving birth at the hospital. I was about 3-weeks out, and we decided to hire Serena and deliver our baby at home. 

I can tell you first hand that the level of service between my Obgyn and Serena was night and day.

I went from 10-15min appointments that felt very rushed, to hour long appointments that felt so personalized and holistic. I think when you choose to deliver at a hospital, you are expected to take a handful of parenting classes because your Obgyn won't have enough time to discuss these things with you. Going to Serena was like a "one stop shop". She clearly goes over what to expect during labor, the pros and cons to all the newborn shots, breastfeeding, and postpartum care.

Her office is conveniently located right off of the highway, has plenty of parking, and her fee was 100% covered by our insurance.  She gave us very clear instructions for setting up our home for a clean & safe delivery - we never felt uncomfortable or unsafe.  It was so nice having her by my side during labor. It's painful, and messy, but she is a rockstar and got me through it with style and grace. We delivered a healthy baby girl, and were all toasting with champagne in the comfort of our home =)

I would have to say her 6week postpartum care went above and beyond our expectations! She was always available over the phone if we had any concerns. I could just text her a picture, and she would let me know that everything was normal. Breastfeeding is a journey of its own, and as a first time mom I had no idea what to expect.  Serena does home visits, and provided me one-on-one breastfeeding coaching.

We would absolutely use her services again.

Thank you so much Serena!"

Mattie & Tom & baby Cassidy

"My heart is overflowing with Gratitude for  Serena.  My husband and I met Serena more than half way through our pregnancy right when the  CoVid-19 pandemic started, we decided to find a midwife so that I could get prenatal care that was free from fear, stress and have the birth I envisioned for myself and my son.  Serenas care was inspiring, gentle, and made me feel safe at each appointment. I immediately felt I could trust her, especially the way she would check on the baby when he was in my tummy.  The birth of our son is by far the most amazing experience I have ever had. Serena helped us protect that space so we could be full of joy when it came time to meet our very happy little boy.  The entire experience from prenatal to postnatal has been wonderful and I can’t wait to call Serena when we are ready to have another baby."  Katie & baby Chase

"I wanted to share my experience of being the expectant father in Serena's care. First off I always felt safe and comfortable with her. We had made the decision to have the baby in our home and we live in a very rural setting and never once did I feel like we had made a mistake in doing so. Serena is amazing in her confidence and care. I always felt like I was a part of the team and Serena made sure I did  my parts. I am so glad we have met Serena and it has been so nice that she is a part of our lives."  

-Skip & Anna and & baby Marcus

"I chose Serena to be our midwife in the depths of covid lockdown. Something in my heart just knew she was the one I wanted to be at Felix's birth and to care for us both before and after. (I had already chosen a different midwife but the fit just wasn't quite right.)
Serena helped me navigate minor challenges as they arose throughout pregnancy. She had all the great tactical, practical solutions, but more importantly, she always, ALWAYS, led me back to myself. Her trust in my body, my baby, and in me helped me to have an incredible, empowering birth. For that and a thousand other little things, I'll always be grateful my intuition led me to Serena."

Megan & baby Felix

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