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The midwifery model of care is evidence based care for low risk women during the childbearing year.

Midwifery care is based on a holistic model of health emphasizing the importance of nourishment on a physical, mental and emotional plane. With appropriate guidance and information, midwives offer women and their families personal choices that are individual to their care needs during the healthy pregnancy and birth of their children. 
Midwives are extensively trained and  skilled care providers for women and infants during the childbearing year. Midwives offer wholistic clinical  care as well as support for the emotional and physical well being and health of women and their families as they welcome their new baby into the world.
Midwives develop strong relationships with their clients and their families,based on communication and openness, thereby deepening the trust bond which can then facilitate deeper levels of surrender during the labor process, helping with pain management and ease of labor and birth. 
Through continuity of care and care provider, individual circumstances can be recognized and addressed early on and given appropraite and individuated care plan responses that facilitate health and wholeness. 
Birthing at home offers opportunities to birth how and where you want, with options such as birthing in water or having your partner help catch the baby, as well as having whomever you like with you during this important time. 
Birthing in your home offers safety from unknown bacteria and germs residing in a hospital setting, as well as protection from unnecessary medical interventions. 

To see statistics on home birth outcomes with midwives, click here. 
Midwives are guardians of birth. Holding and helping to create sacred space as you welcome your new baby into the world in a gentle way.

Midwife Model of Care

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