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labor in a birth tub


We offer birth tub rentals for folks outside of our practice, as well as those who desire an upgrade to the standard tub offered to all our clients as part of our inclusive package. 

Waterbirth has become popular in more recent years as a natural option for pain relief in labor. In home birth settings, most people will use a birth tub at some point during their labor.  However, even those planning a hospital birth may seek the benefits of a birth tub while in labor before heading to the hospital.

We offer birth tub rentals of the Aqua Doula Birth tub as well as the Birth Pool in a Box Mini.  To reserve your birth tub rental click here

There have been five randomized trials on waterbirth, and so far they show that waterbirth holds several potential benefits for mothers including lower pain scores, less use of pain medication, less use of artificial oxytocin, shorter labors, a higher rate of normal vaginal birth, a higher rate of intact perineum, less use of episiotomy, and greater satisfaction with the birth. Those benefits could be due, at least in part, to water immersion before the birth.


What is the difference between the AquaDoula Birth Tub and the Birth Pool in a Box?The AquaDoula, has been designed specifically for labor and water birth, it is a state-of-the-art, lightweight, modular structure complete with built-in heat, that provides a genuine framework of support and warm comfort. It requires a more extensive set up than the inflatable pools and electricity.The AquaDoula’s Heating System is designed to only maintain the water temperature after the AquaDoula is filled to the desired temperature, although with the Thermal Cover in place on the AquaDoula, the water temperature will rise approximately 1°F. The AquaDoula is 25” deep and is 4’6”  wide. It is able to accommodate 2 adults. Filled to a depth of 18 inches, the AquaDoula holds approximately 150 gallons, and weighs approximately 1,250 lbs.

Birth pool in a box is an inflatable pool that is quick and easy to set up. It has a 3 chambered wall that is wide enough to support forward leaning positions comfortably. It has an inflatable floor and seat, well placed handles and a cup holder to encourage hydration. The dimensions are 65”x 57” with fill depth options of 18”or 22”. It is large enough for the birthing person to move around but is not big enough to accommodate a second adult. It takes about 127 gallons of water and the weight when filled is 1010 lbs.

How much space do we need to set up the Birth Tub? With both tubs its recommended to have a level area  around 6’x6’ space to put the tub in.

How do we fill the Birth Tub?With both tubs you will need to fill the tub with warm water at 100 degrees with a new lead free drinking water approved hose. (You can pick one up at the hardware store) You should not use submersible heaters or recirculating pumps in the birth tub. You can add hot water as needed.  

How long does it take to fill the Birth Tub? 20-30 minutes depending on your hot water source.

How do we empty the Birth Tub?The birth tub is drained using the submersible drain pump  connected to the hose you used to fill it. It takes approximately 20-30 minutes.How often should I change the water in the Birth Tub?Water quality varies from region to region, so a general recommendation is to replace the water and disposable liner after 24 to 72 hours, or sooner if needed. Please note- you must replace the disposable liner if you want to empty the birth tub and refill it. You can buy these from or as needed.

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