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Placenta Encapsulation 

The Placenta is the lifeline between a mother and her child. Even as the placenta nourishes and nurtures the baby inside the womb, so it can continue to provide helpful nutrients to mom and baby after the birth.  Eating the placenta after birth immediately or over time can provide essential nutrients, hormones and immune builders to help cure or avoid postpartum depression, quicken recovery after birth, build strength, regulate periods, give immune support and aid in lactation. *Due to changes with Covid 19, I am no longer offering placenta encapsulation. I am happy to offer referrals for those who are offering this service.

Integrative Well Person Care

An integrative approach for your annual exam. Compassionate care includes physical assessment including breast/chest exam, routine pap tests, STI testing, lab testing for hormone or thyroid imbalances and troubleshooting for common issues integrated with nutritional and herbal support & optimal health assessments and suggestions. ​

Postpartum Care 

Postpartum care is essential for healing and supporting the new mother and baby. Having a midwife come to your home in the early weeks after baby is born can be essential to successful breastfeeding, gaining proper rest and nutrition after birth, and having your questions answered by a patient and compassionate professional. Care is offered in individual appointments or as a package of 4, for families who plan to birth in a hospital setting or would like additional home visits added to their home birth package. Visits include baby weight checks, breastfeeding support, postpartum nutritional support, new baby care tips and assessment and holistic support for perineal or cesarean incision healing. The care package also includes a new mother postpartum tea blend, herbal sitz bath and a lactation cookie recipe.

Prenatal Care 

Whether you're having a hospital birth or a home birth with a different midwife, you can schedule a full 1 hour long prenatal visit with our midwife. Come ask questions, get a second opinion, or just get a regular visit if you're on vacation and away from home. All records from the appointment will be given to you at the end of the appointment upon your request. Visit includes clinical assessment of mother and baby as well as education and information on current testing, growth and well being of both mother and baby, in the midwifery model of care that includes informed choice. A prenatal package is available for those wishing to have on-going midwifery care and birth in the hospital.

For more information or a free consultation, please call, email me or schedule using the link below. 

* Some private insurance accepted

Other Services

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