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Serena Russell LM, CPM

Sacred Cycles Midwifery offers services to Santa Cruz & Santa Clara Counties. For questions or to schedule a free initial consultation please feel free to follow the links or call me directly.

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Serena Russell Licensed Midwife

Placenta Encapsulation 


The Placenta is the lifeline between a mother and her child. Even as the placenta nourishes and nurtures the baby inside the womb, so it can continue to provide helpful nutrients to mom and baby after the birth.  Eating the placenta after birth immediately or over time can provide essential nutrients, hormones and immune builders to help cure or avoid postpartum depression, quicken recovery after birth, build strength, regulate periods, give immune support and aid in lactation. 

Integrative Well Person Care

A holistic approach to your annual exam including  routine pap tests, breast/chest exam, STI testing, lab testing for hormone or thyroid imbalances and troubleshooting for common issues integrated with nutritional and herbal support & optimal health assessments and suggestions. 

Postpartum Care Package

Whether you birth in a hospital, a birth center or at home, everyone should benefit from attentive care during the postpartum period. Our postpartum care package includes four 1.5 hour long visits, during which time we will provide breastfeeding support, check your baby's weight, offer support and advice on specifics to your body's healing after birth, discuss nutrition for healing and breastfeeding, and explore options for hormone balancing and postpartum depression, as needed. Individual visits are available. 

For more information, fees or a free consultation, please call or email me.  

* Some private insurance accepted

Other Services

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