I became passionate about birth after the homebirth of my daughter in 1993. Over the course of almost a decade, while relishing in the early years of raising my daughter, I  honed my skills through extensive apprenticeship training  as well as through clinical experiences in Jamaica and the Philippines.  In 2001 I began taking clients and have continued to serve a diverse array of women and their families in their homes since then. In 2014, as political and cultural climates shifted, and in order to serve families in a greater capacity, I made the decision to apply for California licensure. In order to facilitate this, I had the opportunity to spend 10 months in a busy water birth center in northern California, working alongside other experienced midwives while completing an extensive academic program through the National Midwifery Institute. 


As a caregiver, my clinical skills, intellect, and intuition all serve as valuable tools in my work as a guide in the process of pregnancy and birth. I believe the things which matter most in creating a healthy pregnancy and ecstatic birth are those that you have the most control over. This includes good nutrition, exercise, and  healthy lifestyle choices, as well as access to information and quality of care.  On an emotional, psychological and spiritual level, I recognize that birth is not an event which is isolated from the totality of a woman's life, but rather an opportunity for a sacred reclaiming of personal power and a strengthening of the bonds of connection with those that she chooses to share it with. I strive to provide avenues for self education and personal reflection for each woman and family in my care, and to gently guide the way that you and your partner may find ways to support each other.  Through this I seek to offer informed choice. Any and all decisions about your care  are yours to make. It is in this way I empower women and their families as they grow together.

My Story